Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war

It's looking as though, at long last, there might be a fourth Mad Max movie.

The big kerfuffle at the moment is over the casting, and whether Mel Gibson will return. Count me in the 'who cares?' camp. The series is, and always has been, George Miller's baby, and I still have yet to see a bad George Miller movie.

Having Miller head back out to the wasteland, with perhaps a chip on his shoulder (given how long he's been trying to get this thing off the ground, when it should have been a no-brainer for a studio to finance) is just insanely great news. If Mel's along for the ride too, that's just the cherry on top of the geekgasm sundae.

My eventual goal, once I have a giant Wall O' DVDs, is to buy some 1:18 die-cast car models from various movies to slot in next to the appropriate DVD cases. Currently the #1 purchase, once I'm ready to go on the Wall, will be a white 1970 Vanishing Point Challenger R/T (or, for you young philistines, that white muscle car from Tarantino's Death Proof the girls play Ship's Mast with). #2 would be a Road Warrior Interceptor.

If Fury Road actually goes into production, I may just reverse those two on the priority list.

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