Oh Noes!

So I left my karaoke deck at Neu+ral Tuesday night.

For those of you who don't know the true depth of my karaoke depravity (which at this point should be none of you, since I doubt any strangers have stumbled across the Chronicles yet) I have a rather large group of songs I can sing and/or shouldn't sing but do anyway. This can make it difficult to choose what to sing. So, many moons ago, I took a deck of cards and wrote 'Artist A' through 'Artist Z' on the red suits with a sharpie, and 'Song Title A' through 'Song Title Z' on the black suits. Then, when I want to pick a song, I shuffle the deck and draw a card. If I get, let's say, the six of hearts (Artist F) I flip through the venue's book of available songs and pick a song by an artist whose name begins with the letter F (perhaps Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand.) If instead I drew the queen of clubs (Song Title Y) I'll pick a song whose title begins with a Y (maybe You'll Never Find by Lou Rawls).

The card of death in the deck is the jack of clubs though, Song Title X. There are only two choices I've ever seen: Xanadu by Olivia Newton-John, and Xanadu by ELO. I always declare a mulligan when I draw the jack of clubs.

Having now lost a karaoke deck for a second time, I'm thinking it might be time to up the stakes and create a karaoke tarot deck, where the major arcana have themes for the evening written on them.

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