Woefully Stupid Jackasses

Somewhere, at the bottom of a bird cage, one of our avian friends is improving this puerile bit of vile fear-mongering immeasurably by pooping on it.

Of course, maybe I'm being too hard on Klavan. Maybe he's stumbled upon a brave new world of opinionation, one in which you openly admit you are making shit up to try and advance your arguments. No longer do pundits have to worry about maintaining the pretense of being journalists! It's now a war of pure ideas, baby, and if my fiction trumps your fiction then my fiction becomes reality!

That being said, if the right-wing wants to win this new war they should recruiting better fiction writers, because Klavan flat out sucks at it. Plus, anyone who would write a sentence like this

The drug of power has been sugared over in their mouths with a flavoring of righteousness.
already has a forum for their peculiar literary genius. They don't need to start infesting op-ed pages too.

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