Last TIFF Preview

The rest of the TIFF schedule got released. The highlights:

We are in fact getting the new von Trier, bless his twisted little heart. He's apparently mellowing as he gets older... this one's merely called Antichrist and appears to be his riff on a horror movie.

There's a noodly bit of French sci-fi called Mr. Nobody, starring Jared Leto, that could be interesting.

Black Sheep director Jonathan King returns with an adaptation of the Kiwi kid's classic Under the Mountain. I used to gloss over the Sprockets program, and thus missed seeing Let the Right One In at last year's fest... I won't be making that mistake again.

Francois Ozon brings his latest La Refuge, a film so brand-spanking new that it doesn't even have an IMDB page yet.

There's also a Senegalese musical being described as Jacques Demy-esque, Saint Louis Blues, that I may give a shot.

Oh, and also two 'important' films for me to ignore: the new Haneke (which won the Palme d'Or) and the new Denis.

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