Yet More TIFF Sneak Peeks

New Todd Solondz!

New Gaspar Noe!

And, uhh, that's about all that grabs me from the Special Presentations and Vanguard programmes, which is usually a gold mine of awesome.

(Seriously - how bad does the new Almodovar have to be not to get a Gala slot, and get dumped into Special Presentations instead?)

In the wild card category, young Japanese star Kenichi Matsuyama (the star of Detroit Metal City) has a couple of films, playing a ninja on the run in Yoichi Sai's manga adaptation Kamui, as well as a farmer in what could be the wonderfully weird Bare Essense of Life (or, as it's listed on IMDB, Ultra Miracle Love Story.) Plus Hipsters looks to be some sort of Russian Dennis Potter riff and could be interesting, although I'm usually suspicious of Russian flicks.

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