More TIFF Potential Highlights

First, the docs that jump out at me:

  • There's one following the White Stripes on their cross-Canada tour
  • American Movie and Yes Men director Chris Smith does another portrait of someone who'd commonly be labeled 'kooky'.
  • The directors of Gunner Palace do a sort-of sequel, following the lives of some Iraq War soldiers as they try to put together lives for themselves back in the States
  • A doc about Clouzot's unfinished film l'Enfer, including tons of newly discovered footage
  • A doc on the Pentagon Papers
  • Chris Rock examines hair
  • Director Vikram Jayanti follows a blind Iditarod competitor
And now, the Midnight Madness lineup:

Opening Night features Jennifer's Body, written by Diablo Cody. Megan Fox is a cheerleader who is possessed by a demon and eats people. 'Nuff said.

Panique au Village seems to be some sort of Belgian riff on Toy Story.

Rick Jacobson, best known for directing a bunch of Xena episodes, has made what appears to be a Russ Meyer film for the 21st century, Bitch Slap. Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor and Kevin Sorbo all make supporting appearances.

The Spierig brothers, who brought their first film Undead to Midnight a few years ago, return with Daybreakers -- a film with a much bigger cast, but a premise just as silly.

Romero's back, again, with his latest zombie opus Survival of the Dead.

Some little Aussie thing called The Loved Ones, which Colin describes as "a wild mash-up of Pretty in Pink and Misery".

Tony Jaa directs Ong Bak 2. If you need any more than that to sell you on the flick, you are beyond hope.

The original Spanish team behind [REC] returns for a sequel, imaginitively titled [REC] 2.

Someone has the balls to try and turn Robert E Howard's Solomon Kane into a movie, and they've assembled a hell of a cast to do it: James Purefoy (Mark Antony from Rome) as Kane, Max von Sydow as his father, Alice Krige, Pete Postlethewaite, and Rachel Hurd-Wood.

And the Closing Night flick is Symbol, from Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto (who brought Dainipponjin to Midnight a couple of years ago). I have no idea what it's about.

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