Da Peeples is teh Dum

No, not Mario. I'm referring to a study by psychologist Emily Pronin in which psychology students fall into cognitive bias traps even when they get their noses rubbed in the fact that they have cognitive biases.

Perhaps the only thing more awesome than the multiple layers of irony that build up with each subsequent study:

Participants in one follow-up study who showed the better than-average bias insisted that their self-assessments were accurate and objective even after reading a description of how they could have been affected by the relevant bias.

Participants in a final study reported their peer's self-serving attributions regarding test performance to be biased but their own similarly self-serving attributions to be free of bias.

is the fact that a couple of commentators either engage in some world class snark, or genuinely defend the idea that all the students were just being honest about the fact that they're all better-than-average when it comes to bias susceptibility, and weren't biasedly biased about their bias towards being biased.

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