All the shit going on in the world, and this is what has the Beltway Bloodclots* in a tizzy?

It may seem unseemly, given the apparent bloodshed in Iran today, to dwell on fallout among the media and bloggers about the Obama administration’s selective process for taking questions at a presidential news conference.

But within the bubble of the Beltway, and along the sprawling information dashboards on the Web, a tangential issue to news coverage of the Iranian situation has been stirring a lot of discussion, stemming from the circumstances surrounding President Obama’s decision at yesterday’s news conference to call on Nico Pitney of the Huffington Post.

May seem unseemly?

New rule: if you call yourself a reporter or a journalist, and especially if you work in DC, you now have to prove to me that you are not a bloodclot*. You no longer get a presumption of innocence that you are not routinely engaged in self-absorbed fuckery*, rather than doing your damn job.

I'd say "shame on them", but clearly they have none.

Now I have to create a new Indictment. Goddamn it.

* - All Jamaican slang courtesy Shottas.

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