A Letter To the Minister of Canadian Heritage

Subject: Biology is a Science

Dear Minister:

As you asked that members of the public express their concerns regarding the recent "Sex: A Tell-All" exhibit at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, I have chosen to respond to you directly.

Biology, and human reproductive biology specifically, is in fact a science. I'm not sure whether you are aware of that or not. "Science" does not just refer to engines and electronics. If it did, the name of the museum would be redundant as "science" and "technology" would be synonyms. An exhibit carefully designed to educate teenagers on the subject of human reproduction would not only be within the museum's mandate but would be something it should be applauded for, as by every indication the exhibit appears to be a very sensitive and informative handling of what can be a difficult subject for some parents to discuss with their children.

Perhaps you should consider whether your own mandate involves fanning the flames of ignorance and trying to stir up mobs to attack museum exhibits, rather than incorrectly judging the museum's mandate. Not only do such actions violate the very meaning of "Canadian Heritage", they are unbecoming of your office and your portfolio as a minister.

I expect to hear soon that you will be issuing a public apology to the museum and commending its commitment to furthering scientific education.

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