Bringing The War On Women Back Home

(h/t BJ)

The 'War on Women' thing is gonna have me in stitches all the way up to the election. Not that what the GOP has done and would like to do legislatively and culturally isn't fucked up, and not that I don't want to transanally ultrasound every last fucking one of their medieval, hypocritical, patriarchal idiot asses, but the fact that the party of Alpha Males and John Wayne and a 'kill 'em all and let St Ronnie sort it out' philosophy is waging a war on the (cough) "weaker sex", and is losing, just cracks me up. It reminds me so much of The Prophet Bill Hicks' bit on the War on Drugs:
George Bush says we are losing the War on Drugs. Well, you know what that implies? There's a war going on, and people on drugs are winning it! Hahahahahaha! What does that tell you about drugs? Some smart, creative motherfuckers on that side. They're winning a war, and they're fucked up! Lot-a y'all don't even know you're fightin', do you? You're sitting there... "Fuck, I'm watching Saturday Night Live". (tokes) "Are we winning? I feel like my flank is covered." (tokes) "Honey, bring me a beer. Got a war to win!"
(In the album version of that routine he compares it to Redcoats fighting Indians, but I like this riff better).

Everyone just needs to remember that there's no truce or cease-fire possible here. Anybody on their side smart enough to see the writing on the wall defected a long time ago. The only people left on the GOP side are the Kochs and Romneys and Aileses, those with a vested economic interest in maintaining the status quo (if not pushing things farther into the dark ages), and the Bill Donohues and Tony Perkinses, those who have abandoned any pretense of true Christian spirit and just become miserable trolls feeding on hate. There can be no negotiation with people like that. They will cling to the power they have with their last breath, and we will simply have to keep pushing forward, house by house, town by town, state by state, lie by lie, piece of bullshit legislation by piece of bullshit legislation, until the war is won.

This election can't just be about the White House. Romney is such a terrible candidate, it would pretty much take an act of God to put him over Obama. This election needs to be about the downballot races - pushing the Dems over 60 in the Senate, retaking the House, and winning back as many state legislature seats as possible. Their side is feeling the boot on the back of their heads and tasting concrete, and they are panicky and desperate. For once the left cannot let up and play nice.  That boot needs to come down hard in 2012.

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