Gillian Anderson Is Alive And Well And Living In England

I'm with Knappster - the reaction to the 'No Pressure' video from British AGW advocates is downright bizarre. At the Liberty Papers, words like 'revolting', 'amoral' and 'depraved' got thrown around and applauded. Other, less interesting libertarian blogs who I shan't link to went even further off the deep end.

Judge for yourself. It's written by Richard Curtis (of Blackadder, Mr. Bean and Four Weddings and a Funeral fame):

Personally I think the people calling it 'depraved' are just afraid of getting blown up, because they know in their hearts that's what they want to do to AGW advocates, and they're just projecting. But hey, I'm just a crazy guy who watched that video and didn't think it's actually advocated murdering children, so what do I know, right?

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