No Chance In Hell?

Ever since Linda McMahon won the Pub nom for the Connecticut Senate seat, I've been warning people in comments sections all over the innertubez not to underestimate her/gleefully speculating on what having a WWE-schooled personality in Congress would be like. And I continually got berated for those warnings, because McMahon was a "joke candidate" who had no chance in hell of winning.

Well, guess what? She's now polling within 3-6 points of Blumenthal. The joke candidate has to be taken seriously.

Much as I don't want the full-out crazy Tea Bag candidates like Miller or O'Donnell in Washington, having McMahon in there would be freaking epic, precisely because she's not really the Tea Party type. Honestly, if anyone could be the right-wing equivalent of Franken -- i.e. surprisingly competent -- it would be Linda McMahon. Plus, coming out of pro wrestling, no amount of silly Tea Party bullshit or cliquish DC nonsense is going to phase her in the slightest.

Seriously. If there are going to be a bunch new Pubs in the Senate, McMahon would be miles better, and infinitely more entertaining, than the alternatives.

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