Last Night

Stephen Harper probably thinks he's died and gone to heaven. He's the only "winner" after last night's riots and general display of idiocy.

First, he gets to play host to all the foreign leaders he really, really wishes would be his BFFs. They just have to like him now!

Second, he gets to spend a billion dollars on a security tar baby so he can feel like a big tough guy.

Third, idiot anarchist wannabes are actually so stupid as to jump on the billion dollar security tar baby, thus 'justifying' Harper's stupid spending spree.

Fourth, all this happens in Toronto, which significantly reduces the political blowback on Harper since he wasn't going to get any votes in Toronto anyway, and most of his western base loves to get their schadenfreude on when bad things happen to the city.

For a typically gormless Canadian political hack, Harper is showing some signs of being a bit of an evil genius.

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