Pre-History of the Teabagger Movement, Part 17

I'm watching WWE Vintage, the show where the WWE digs into the vaults and shows 'classic' matches such as a 20-man battle royal won by Bob Backlund, during the days when he was getting an inexplicable push from Vince despite his lack of anything resembling charisma, size or a bodybuilder's physique.

Anyway, the match immediately following is Lex Lugar vs Tatanka, the Native American Warrior. Tatanka at the time was a bad guy, and palling around with the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, so the crowd was firmly behind Lugar.

At one point in the match, Tatanka had Lugar in the corner and was pounding on him. The crowd, in an effort to energize Lugar, began chanting... 'USA! USA! USA!'

Because, y'know, Native American isn't "real" American.

I'd be willing to guess at least 75% of all the people in the crowd chanting 'USA! USA!' back then now own a copy of Going Rogue.

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