An Idle Thought

Secular Right pegs Romney's odds on winning the '12 Pub nom at 1 in 5 if health care reform flops, but 1 in 20 if it passes -- the thinking being that Romney's own, similar reform in Massachusetts would kill him during a primary campaign in which most Republican candidates would be pushing to kill HCR if they got into office.

As we saw last time out, with Moby Rush's retarded Operation Chaos idea and the GOS' pushback campaign to bolster Romney in Michigan, crossing over party lines to cause mischief is becoming less anathema. So if Romney is in trouble in the primaries, what would prevent him from throwing a Hail Mary, declaring himself to be the only Republican candidate willing to protect HCR, and hoping that enough Dems cross over to vote for him to ensure he gets the nomination?

I mean, it's not like anyone credible will be running against Obama, so Dem voters won't have much else to do but try something like this. Of course, they'd also have to be willing to take Romney at his word that he would keep HCR intact if he gets into office...

Hmm. On second thought, forget it. I've found the fatal flaw in the idea.

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