Phone Phollies

So, I finally decided to get a new phone. My poor old Nokia candy-bar is ready for retirement - the buttons are worn, the casing battered, the battery fading. The thing is so old, it has an extendable antenna. Really, it's given me service way above and beyond, and I'll miss it, but it's time for me to join the early part of the 21st century.

Here's the problem. I decided the phone I want is the Samsung Rugby, because I need a phone that can take a pounding. Some fragile little slider or touchscreen webphone would be lucky to last a week in my "care". I treat phones like, well, phones, not objet d'art. The Rugby is built to military specs (which makes me giggle, it's so ridiculous) and is $50 cheaper than the comparably-brick-like Motorola Tundra. Sold!

Apparently though, in the entire GTA, the only version I can find of the damn thing is this:

If I worked construction, maybe that would be an OK colour. Or drove a school bus. Since I do neither, I want either the burgundy, or even the black, version:

There's just one problem. Nobody has them. Nobody. It's butt-ugly yellow, or nothing.

In short, after years of not buying a new phone just on general principle, I now actually want a new phone and can't have the one I want. Typical, really.

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