2009 Final Tallies

Between April and December of 2009, I sang 258 different songs at karaoke by 184* different artists, ranging from AC/DC (It's a Long Way To the Top If You Want To Rock 'n' Roll) down to ZZ Top (Tush). Random trivia:

- Bowie leads the rankings with nine different songs. Tied for second with six are Radiohead, Prince and the Stones, which is a bit of a shocker. The Beatles just behind with five is also surprising. Nobody else has more than three.

- song sung in the most calendar months? Foo Fighters' Everlong, with five.

- I apparently tried to sing three different Queen songs over the last 3/4 of the year. Things like that make me wish I could blame alcohol for my poor decision-making skillz.

* - if you count Johnny Cash as a separate artist from Johnny & June Cash

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