So it's the biggest night in the history of TNA wrestling. They've hired Hulk Hogan, and are broadcasting live and head-to-head against Raw, just like WCW used to do in the good not-so-old days. So what do they air as the first match on a night when they probably have more new eyes watching them than ever before?

They jerk the curtain with an eight-man X-division cage match, fill it with luchas and other crazy little whippit wrestlers... and then have it in a cage built with thick red bars so that you can't even see what's going inside.

Oh, and then they undercut whatever heat the X-division guys might have generated for themselves (if anybody could see what they were doing, of course, which they couldn't) by bringing out Jeff Hardy during the match.

Clearly, TNA's idea of revolutionizing the industry is to repeat all of WCW's mistakes, without repeating any of their good ideas.

Oh, and what happens when I flip over to the start of the Fiesta Bowl in disgust? There's John Cena at midfield for the coin toss, and though to remind all the channel-flippers like me "Hey, Raw starts in an hour".

TNA's already dead, and they don't even know it. They've got some great talent (older guys like Kurt Angle and Mick Foley, who's still great on a mic even if he probably shouldn't wrestle, plus younger stars like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe) but they can't get out of their way enough to let them shine, and everything else about the company just screams bush league. It's sad.

Vince didn't even need to swallow his pride and bring back Bret Hart for one last hurrah.

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