I've gotten too cocky at karaoke. Tonight, I a) sang While You See a Chance for the second time without having bothered to actually listen to it, and for the second time botched the bridge; b) tried More Today Than Yesterday blind, blew the opening and then realized with horror just how high the singing in the chorus goes, and c) finally tried I Remember You, again blew the bridge because I hadn't bothered to listen to it, and bailed on most of the high notes by going falsetto. It's been a long time since I had that many train wrecks in one evening.

Clearly I need to scale it back a bit, and maybe stick to things I know I can sing for a while rather than trying random, seemingly impossible crap all the damn time.

Mind you, Shake Your Tail Feathers turned out really well, and I went into that one mostly blind... hmmm. Maybe I just need a bit more selectivity.

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