More Sane Conservatives

A climate scientist and evangelical pastor wife-and-husband team have written a book making the case for climate change in a way other evangelicals might understand.

"To get information on climate change, you have to go to the people who know the information. That's why we wrote this together as a climate scientist and a pastor," [co-author] Hayhoe said. "He asked the tough questions. He said you've got to talk about this and this and this, and these answers have to satisfy me."

Many of the questions were from the arguments of conservative celebrities.

"Glenn Beck is saying this, Laura Ingraham is saying that, Rush Limbaugh is saying this, and these people are well-respected in conservative communities, so where are these talk show hosts wrong and how can you show that they're wrong with data, not slick talk?" [co-author Farley] said.

It's always nice to see that there are still a handful of relatively sane conservatives out there.

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