Hey, That Was Fast

Latest review package is up here.

Merrick trimmed out my intro though. Pity. I'll put it up here in the interests of posterity:

I was gonna say something… crap, what was it… oh yeah! Bumped into an old friend I’d never actually met in person before a couple of nights ago while on the way with Copernicus to the Whip It afterparty: none other than the former Old Man Moriarty. He seems to be doing well in his new gig.

Whip It is tremendous, by the way. It’s at the top of the pile for review, but my teaser would be this: when Drew (no, the other, cuter Drew, not Moriarty) was introducing her cast while decked out in a fantastic yellow spiderwebby Alexander McQueen creation, she mentioned as part of her intro for Daniel Stern that Breaking Away was one of her favorite movies as a kid.

Well, Whip It is Breaking Away good.

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