An Acceptable Assassination

David Frum tries to walk the tight rope between the right wing nutjobs and sanity, and falls to his doom.

It's not enough for conservatives to repudiate violence, as some are belatedly beginning to do. We have to tone down the militant and accusatory rhetoric. If Barack Obama really were a fascist, really were a Nazi, really did plan death panels to kill the old and infirm, really did contemplate overthrowing the American constitutional republic—if he were those things, somebody should shoot him.

But he is not.
Uhh, no, David. Someone should not shoot him. Impeach? Sure. Vote him out in 2012? Absolutely. But shoot him? I suppose it would be OK too if Malia or Sasha were caught in the crossfire, right? Collateral damage and all that.

You can't have it both ways, David. To paraphrase Claude Rains, if the teabagging loonies are even that much right, then sanity is wrong.

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