Weekend Coverage

While I've always had plenty of options for weeknight karaoke-ing, Fridays and Saturdays have been tougher nuts to crack. Downtown bars usually aren't willing to give up prime bar space on the weekends for karaoke.

Fortunately, there's now a solution. Pete Rock, the most awesomely misanthropic karaoke host in the city, is now doing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the new Fox & Fiddle across from Wellesley Station (the pub that used to be Fiddler's Green). Fiddler's Green used to do weekend karaoke too, in a tiny, stuffy second floor room that was inevitably packed. I wasn't a huge fan. Now, however, the karaoke is in a tiny second floor room, with the windows open. Plus Pete insulting everyone. Also, the wait staff can apparently all sing really goddamn well.

The fact that the place is a five-minute walk from my new castle in the sky doesn't hurt either.

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