TIFF Early Peeks!

The film fest (sorry... Toronto International Film Festival) press office has started rolling out this year's slate of movies. Two probable gems from the Special Presentations programme jumped out at me immediately:

Vengeance: Johnnie To directing a reformed-hitman-revenge flick is cool enough, but the reformed hitman in question is played by... Johnny Hallyday. Sweet!

Valhalla Rising: The Best Actor in Europe, Mads Mikkelsen, re-unites with Pusher trilogy director Nicolas Winding Refn for some sort of crazy-ass Viking fantasy epic. If I'm not in the audience for the first festival screening of this it means I've up and died, and believe you me God will get an earful for yanking me off this earth before I got a chance to watch it.

In contrast, the Opening Night Gala is apparently a Darwin biopic by the guy who directed the Core, which just seems like a hilariously bad idea on a few levels.

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