Letter-Writing Time!

To: Andrew Sullivan

I'm sure you've heard this a-plenty by now, but your central premise -- that the presentation of Obama's actual birth certificate would "make it go away" -- is just false. The story is not fueled by Obama's reluctance to 'answer it'; no answer will suffice for someone who's decided that Obama must somehow, in some way, be illegitimate, because their world view falls apart when someone like him can become President.

I do appreciate that you're trying to be even-handed in your treatment of this with your treatment of Palin's pregnancy, but the two circumstances just aren't the same. Palin's story had internal inconsistencies that required further explanation. It just didn't make sense, on the face of it, for a woman to fly thousands of miles after her water broke. Questioning her story was logical.

There are no such internal inconsistencies in Obama's life story, unless you think there's something inherently implausible about a mixed-race couple in America in the late '50s. There are no loose ends to account for, no threads for a journalist to tug at to see if something unravels.

There's no story here, only vicious partisanship.
And vicious partisanship won't dissipate, no matter how many documents Obama produces.

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