Letter-Writing Time!

To Fox News anchor Shep Smith regarding this:

Keep Up the Good Work, Shep

Just saw the clip of your interview with Rep. Hoekstra from yesterday. It's nice to see that journalism is not quite dead in this country.

If America becomes a torturing nation, then we have abandoned the trust that was passed down to us, generation after generation. The American Experiment will have been proven a failure if we can't stop the spread of this cancer. Please, PLEASE, keep fighting this fight.


And to Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer regarding this:

Re: Waterboarding as Torture

Earlier this week, on Dennis Miller's radio show, you said that you "personally don’t think [waterboarding] is [torture] 'cause it’s an absurdity to have to say the United States of America has tortured over 10,000 of its own soldiers because it's, you know, it’s had them waterboarded as a part of their training."

Sir, SERE training and its related programs are specifically designed to help our soliders survive torture, and to understand their own responses to being tortured. By definition the techniques used in SERE training, including waterboarding, are torture -- otherwise, there would be no point to using them as part of that program.

If you choose to defend our use of torture on suspected al Qaeda prisoners and others, you are certainly free to do so. But denying the basic facts of the situation does no credit to your arguments, and just makes you look hypocritical and disingenuous.

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