Temporary Insanity? WTF, John?

I'm watching the full Cliff May-John Stewart interview (those are the Canuck links, btw)... wow. While I disagree with much of what May said (and some of his claims were just plain off, like Cheney wanting to release all the memos relating to the treatment of al Qaeda detainees) and even some of what Stewart said (if there are no prosecutions over this, given all that we already know, it's a massive failure on the part of America) May was at least right when he said that it was by far the best discussion on the topic so far on television.

If some network were to scrub their Rolodex of all the pols and lobbyists, and started inviting on guests actually willing to engage in an honest discussion about a topic rather than simply mouthing the latest Dem or Pub talking points, their ratings would blow through the roof.

Compelling television is people connecting, not talking past each other.

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