Sitting in an Internet Cafe

As I watch the street from my little table at the local internet cafe, I am once again struck by how generally pretty people are in T'rana.

I sometimes think the average dating-age woman up here would pull a 6.5 on the traditional 1-10 scale (the menfolk too, if I dated and rated guys.) My personal theory is that T'rana pulls in the best of most of the rest of the country (although the 9.5's and better are extremely rare, probably because most of them head for New York and LA), which drastically pulls up the median.

We're like a really good Triple-A ballclub, which (to continue the metaphor well past the point where it makes any sense at all, at all) is a problem if you expect an All-Star major leaguer at every position, but is just fine if all you want is a fun an entertaining ballgame.

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