Why Didn't I Notice This Before?

So I'm watching the Raptors-Grizzlies game, and at halftime they do a segment where Rod "Stupidest Man In Sports Broadcasting" Black quizzes Leo Rautins about Grizzlies history. When asked who the greatest player in franchise history was Rautins says, "Pau Gasol. Drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in the first round in 2001 and then picked up in the Shareef Abdur-Rahim trade, blah blah blah"

Three questions later, Black asks him who the best draft pick in Grizzlies history was. "Gotta be Gasol, right?" Sigh.

At that moment it hit me. Rod Black must be the inspiration for Ron Burgundy.

Look at their names. Ron, Rod... colour starting with 'B', colour starting with 'B'.

They both established careers based on having the right look and a solid broadcasting voice despite being incredibly, stupendously thick.

They both say stupid things on air. Black's legendary for his penchant for tasting shoe leather. The classic Black moment came after the gold meal game at the '94 world junior hockey championships in which one Canadian player has promised to win gold for his (now-deceased) father. Black's question to him after the team lost: Do you feel like you let your father down since you only won silver?

And then there are the moustaches:

Keep in mind that Ferrell shot the first Austin Powers movie (starring hockey nut Mike Myers) in '97. If the subject of idiot broadcasters had come up, surely Myers would have mentioned Black. And Ferrell had smaller roles in a few other films (such as Dick and the Ladies Man) that shot in Canada between Austin Powers and Anchorman...

Can there be any doubt that Ron Burgundy is directly and explicitly based on Rod Black?

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