Thursday's TIFF Pseudo-Schedule

This year, I'm trying a bit of an experiment. As it happens, both Score: A Hockey Musical and I'm Still Here are on the schedule, snugly one hour apart, as press screenings on the first day of the fest. So I'm going to see if watching the two worst movies I possibly can, right off the top, will guarantee that the rest of the festival is nothing but awesomeness. (Mind you, I'm a guy who voluntarily pays money to watch things like Lance Bass' epic attempt to come off as straight, On the Line, and Mike Myers' tragic deconstruction of self-help mythology, the Love Guru, in theaters so I could well end up laughing my ass off for three hours. But I suspect my heightened ability to turn train wrecks into ironic entertainment will be sorely tested.)

The great thing is, I'll get to put the theory to the test right away since the next film I'll be seeing is The Edge, one of my wild card picks. Could be a weird little gem, could be a total mess.

If that all goes to shit, I'm still ending things off with Legend of the Fist at the Elgin. Call it an ass-kicking safety net.

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