Random Things I've Been Writing At Three In the Morning

This one's the beginnings of a song lyric... the rhythm is rough and it needs some clean up, not to mention a proper opening verse, but it's a start. It's sort of a countrified version of Ana Ng, really.

I'm the One For You


There's a place and a face
And a time and a space
That'll catch me in their spell
There's a drum in my chest
That's driving me west
Into arms I've never held
I don't know where
Or who you are
But I know this to be true
Hey there pretty baby
I'm the one for you

Every story says it's true
So who am I to doubt
That there's a we, a me and you
That I can't live without
But I've been livin' without you
For all these years of mine
Those years are a cage
Let's turn the page
And make those stars align

There's a cozy little spot
Where we can meet some day
With Loretta on the jukebox
Or maybe 'Retha and Ray
And the barkeep's name is Danny
Or Dixie, or Deb, or Drew
The details are hazy
But call me crazy
Someday they'll remind me of you


  1. oh muffin....

  2. If you think that's bad, wait until you see the next one...

  3. oh dear...hugs