I Iz Faymuz?

I've seen quotes from my reviews used before, but this is the first time they've actually used my "name", as opposed to just slapping a generic Ain't It Cool label on it. Sweet! (It's at about the 1:40 mark, if you want to jump ahead.)

Look at me, ma, I'm a real film critic now! Kinda.

(h/t my friend Dan, who spotted it first)

UPDATE: OK, now I have a dilemma.

I went back and re-read my review of the Good, the Bad & the Weird from the 2008 TIFF.

The words attributed to me in that trailer ("A pure piece of entertainment... a must-see!") do not appear anywhere in my review.

There's nothing even close.

Mind you, it's a pretty glowing review, and I don't necessarily disagree with the sentiment. But now I'm wondering if they took quotes from someone else's review and stuck my name to them, or just made it up out of whole cloth -- and either way, does my fake internet name really have that much cache that it was worth using to add some credibility to the quote?

Anton Sirius apparently has a critical reputation worth stealing. Which is fantastic, because if you click the link above you'll find that my review of GB&W got posted on AICN alongside my review of a terrible little indie horror film called Deadgirl. In said review I basically said the film wasn't sick enough, and proceeded to offer examples of various sick things I thought it should have included.

Frankly, I think this makes the whole thing even more awesomely amusing, in a very Robert Anton Wilson sort of way...

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