My annual search for the worst Christmas wrapping paper I can find hasn't gone particularly well this year, mainly due to my lack of time to search for some. (Working 10+ hours every day leading up to Christmas probably has something to do with that.) The dollar store at Danforth and Broadview turned up a contender tonight though: silver foil Santa paper, on which a somewhat disturbingly infantized Santa is cross-country skiing using candy canes for skis.


- Santa was apparently hit by the global recession too and could no longer afford the upkeep on reindeer, forcing him instead to get around on edible skis
- it's really crappy foil, and impossible to cut straight because the edge frays as soon as you cut it
- I'm hoping the sack on his back contains a sniper rifle instead of toys, indicating that Santa is an avid biathlon aficionado
- it's made in Indonesia. Nothing says Christmas like Indonesia.


- it's reasonably pretty
- it's got a cheerful-looking Santa on it
- because it's foil, I can't use the scraps to make name tags

All in all it's not bad for a first effort, but I'm hoping I luck into something worse/better later this week. Nothing's gonna top that green and silver cosmonaut paper I found one year up on St. Clair though.

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