Nuit Blanche 2010

Did a bit of a wander last night for Nuit Blanche. Didn't see anything mind-blowing, but I didn't see much that was terrible either. The pieces continue to be more about spectacle than actual art though.

With that in mind, I've already got ideas for two works next year:

- some sort of 'reverse karaoke' installation where the song chooses the singer instead of the other way around. Have a full karaoke set-up (preferably indoors) with a selection of popular songs in different genres (recent fluff, jazz standards etc.) Have the songs play in a random order, with some sort of clever signage encouraging anyone who knows the song to jump up and grab the mic. In artspeak, the installation would explore the relationships between performer, audience and authority, while also commenting on the enduring nature of what was intended to be a ephemeral product of consumer culture.

- an installation that treats native Torontonians like foreigners. Have a large group of people stand on a street corner (preferably in a high foot traffic area in the downtown core), all of whom have been instructed to speak in a made-up language (you'd need to get a lot of experienced improv performers for this.) Have them attempt to interact with any English speakers who walk into their midst as though they expected the English speaker to understand what they are saying, and to get agitated when the English speakers don't. In artspeak, the piece would interrogate the role of language in defining personal and tribal identity.

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