Misanthropy Makes Me Laugh

So Wednesday night I'm up in my beloved old St Clair West 'hood hanging out at the new apartment of one of my bestest of friends (which also happens to be my old apartment).

It being a nice night and all, I decide to walk home. Down Bathurst, through the Annex, trundling along Bloor past the Fox and Fiddle where Pete Rock used to host karaoke... oh, and hello, they still have karaoke.

Oh, and hello, it's hosted by Morgan, one of Pete's regulars at his weekend gig down the street from me. And it's her first night as host, so random moral support is more than welcome. Crap. So much for me getting home at a decent hour.

Thing is though, it turns out Morgan is no longer a Pete Rock regular. When he found out she'd taken the gig at the St. George Fox (a place that had fired him months ago so they could hire cheaper hosts) he banned her from his show.


One of the cool things about karaoke in this city is the community that supports it. Some people are loyal to specific hosts, some (like me) are whores and get around. Some hosts see other hosts as colleagues (Jason, Richie, Steve-O, Carson) and some, uhh, don't.

Actually "some" is a bit of an exaggeration. Pete's pretty much the only one I know.

Silly boy.

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